Our Aerial Video & Photography Services

Real Estate Imagery

Windham ResidentialYou’re working in a competitive market with properties moving in days, sometimes hours. With nuances that can make or break an offer, time is of the essence. How do you pull-in prospective buyers, when only so many showings can be booked in one day let alone coordinated with their travel schedule? How do you showcase your truly unique properties to create the excitement necessary to quickly land competitive, competing offers so your sellers get a sweet return (and you can move on to the next hot property)?

Gain the advantage over your competition with aerial video and photography that features a bird’s-eye perspective to show-off the whole property in one video that you can share by email or post online. Your integrated video will showcase the specific features of each listing, like location to die for or a spectacular view that even the best standard photographer can’t capture.

Weddings & Events

Aerial Wedding PhotoYou’re planning that big day with meticulous detail from top to bottom, from who’ll stand where during your ceremony to which songs you want to hear during the reception (and which you absolutely don’t want to hear). You’re still feeling the frenzy of the day even though it is months away. There seems to be something missing from all the plans, some other way to capture the whole experience and hold onto it for years to come. With the unique perspective of drone video and photography, you can see your big day from every angle. The combination of standard videography and aerial imaging brings the special touch that makes your day the next-level awesome that matches your next-level awesome day.


Business Marketing

Your marketing campaigns have been incredible because of your sharp eye for detail. You’re known for being at the forefront of your industry, and you’re constantly looking for new angles to incorporate into your marketing. You’ve seen aerial photography in action yet aren’t quite sure what goes into it. You may even have looked up buying a drone or two, only to find that it takes a little more knowledge to operate than you (or your staff) have time to master. Our team’s expertise in multisensory marketing is the key to making this happen for your next high-level campaign. You’ve worked hard to be at the forefront of your industry, and you’re going to continue to provide amazing results. We can help with integrated aerial photography and videography.

Construction Progression & Insurance Claims

ConstructionYour projects and claims need attention to detail, and standard photography may not answer all the specifics you need to document. Aerial inspections eliminate the risk associated with climbing during visual inspections and give an easy way to document the details from start to finish.



Farming, Agriculture, Wind Farms, Forest Management, & Architecture

Wind FarmYour property management can be more efficient with aerial monitoring. Quickly survey your land then zoom in to find detail in a way that is only possible with drone technology. A 360-degree aerial view allows you the view and information not possible with standard photos and video.



Work With Us

We will work with you to create the specific project that gets you the results you need without the additional features that you don’t. You can have the advantage of integrated aerial video and photo, with the results you want. We can get you there.

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